I dream of barbie

The Barbie doll is one of the most successful toys of the 20th century and, arguably, the icon of female beauty and the American dream.  According to the manufacturer, every three seconds a Barbie doll is purchased. Barbie has been said to touch every girl’s life. There continues to be disagreement over the messages the Barbie doll sends and the toy’s place in the lives of young girls. The extant literature about Barbie dolls tends to be opinionated and based on essays and popular media articles. Some claim that the toy represents the paradigm of adult female beauty to which young girls learn to aspire. It has been argued that Barbie dolls reflect a highly sexualized image and circumscribe girls’ play by emphasizing prescribed roles and patterns of interaction. It is feared that by dramatizing stereotypical feminine roles during play, girls will internalize and later embody such roles.


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